About us

Plantago company, Ltd. has been providing gardening services on the Slovak market since the year 2000. Our company’s main activity is cultivation of coniferous and broadleaved species on the area 110 000 m2 in size and sales activity on the area 15 000 m2.

We offer our clients the possibility to choose from the wide offer of coniferous and broadleaved species in Slovakia (approximately 4000 items). During the whole season you can find here various offer of coniferous and broadleaved species, full grown trees, solitary trees, garden bonsais, perennials and accessory range of goods. All the coniferous and broadleaved species are either of our own production or they are imported from the prestigious garden nurseries in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republic.

In case the range of goods that we offer in our centre is not sufficient or if you have got a specific requirement, we would be happy to promptly prepare a price offer for you and agree on the delivery date of the required goods.

We trust each of your visits in our garden centre will be an enjoyable experience for you and you will be leaving satisfied and fully served.